Movin’Smart™: The connected solution to improve your performances while respecting your mount

The MS100 technology offers a complete overview of the horse-rider coupling’s interactions, information processing and feedback in real time, based on 2 sensors: an exclusive solution!

Keep complexity simple !

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Movin'Smart™ ambassadors

They trust us! Jean-Philippe Frances & Sabrina Arnold, our ambassadors and prestige partners, represent the endurance riding’s worldwide elite.

Jean-Philippe Francès

Professional rider
French team member
Trainer, Stables JPF
One of the most outstanding European record books, multi medal-winner in France, in Europe and worldwide.

Sabrina Arnold

Professional rider
German team member
Official European champion, and winner of the World Endurance Championship for Young Horses (7Y) in 2017.

They have provided Movin'Smart™ with ongoing support from day one