Make the most of my MS100 in 5 steps

A quick guide to help you install and use the MS100.

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1. Download the Movin’Smart application

The Movin’Smart application is currently only available for iOS smartphones in the App Store.
Open the Movin’Smart application and connect with the code received by email when buying the MS100 device.

2. Charge your sensors

Before using your MS100, recharge your sensors, on your computer or with a 5V adaptor (2h for a full charge), with the double micro USB cable included in the package. Sensors operational autonomy is around twenty hours, and several days in standby mode. However, we advise you to get into the habit of regularly charging them.

The phone and connected watch must also be charged to have enough autonomy for the session.

3. Install the MS100 equipment

Rider’s sensor

Attach the rider’s sensor to the riding cap with the Dual-Lock locking clip. Place the sensor with the arrow and the sensor’s nose forward-facing in the riding cap’s central zone.

Attach the security string to your riding cap. It will hold the sensor in case it is separated from the riding cap. You can then replace the sensor on the riding cap.

Positioning diagram rider's sensor
Positioning diagram rider’s sensor

Horse’s sensor

The horse’s sensor is to be attached to the fastening clip. Place the fastening clip on the horse’s bridle, on the headpiece, between both ears (arrow’s and nose’s fastening clip forward-facing).

The horse’s bridle and headpiece must be adjusted to the horse’s head, so the sensor is the closest possible from it.

Positioning diagram horse's sensor
Positioning diagram horse’s sensor

HRM sensor (optional)

The Movin’Smart application accepts all types of Bluetooth equine heart rate sensors:

  • Install the heart rate sensor on its strap and on the horse.
  • Click on “Horse HRM” to connect the horse’s heart rate sensor. Click on the horse’s heart rate monitor available.
  • Verify that you have selected the right sensor by checking the heart rate value during acquisition.


Your smartphone and connected objects communicate in real time via Bluetooth.

We advise you to place the phone in a chest pocket (an outside chest pocket if possible) or a ventral pouch to optimise communication.

4. Saddle up!

  • Place your sensors
  • Open the application (and its IWatch extension). (Bluetooth & GPS ON)
  • Add your horse, select it
  • Click on “Start session”
  • Let’s go! You can see speed, distance run, horse’s HRM, hand balance’s measure, coupling and consistency quality indicators in real time.

5. Session assessment & My Movin’Smart

Session assessment

Once my session is over and stopped on my phone, I can directly check my session assessment on the Movin’Smart application. I can use cursors to select the temporal zone to study and analyse my session: my route, distance travelled (total and per gait), my speed, horse’s heart rate, usage rate per hand, riding techniques… I can also get indications on coupling with my horse.

My Movin’Smart

The Movin’Smart cloud provides me with a complete and detailed history of all registered sessions with my horses. I can then track on a long period work done with each one of them, and even compare them. My Movin’Smart also allows me to have a detailed, ergonomic and interactive view of each session realised.