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Movin’Smart MS100 – Start Pack

297,00 TTC

MS100, an innovative, light and performant connected solution!

Movin'Smart App available on the App Store

The pack includes two connected sensors to attach, one to the rider’s riding cap, and the other one to the horse’s bridle.

Thanks to the Movin’Smart App and the My Movin’Smart monitoring, you will be as close as possible from your partner to improve and manage in real time your performances, your mount’s health and well-being.

Until January 10, 2019 inclusive, enjoy the Start Pack of the Movin’Smart solution at the exceptional price of € 358.00 incl. VAT instead of € 440.00 incl.

SKU: MS100


The Pack includes

  • 1 rider’s sensor to attach to the riding cap with a Dual-Lock® anchoring
  • 1 horse’s sensor to attach to the bridle with the fastening clip provided
  • the Movin’Smart App for smartphone (available for iOS), which can be duplicated on an connected watch
  • sessions customised monitoring service on the My Movin’Smart cloud.


Attach the rider’s sensor to the riding cap with a Dual-Lock® type system. Attach the horse’s sensor to the bridle, at the top of the headpiece, with a fastening clip. Movin’Smart sensors communicate with the phone via Bluetooth, and provide the user, via the mobile application, a complete dashboard in real time which can easily be checked on the connected watch!

Real time

Thanks to the Movin’Smart solution, the user can check in real time useful information to optimise his performance and training while protecting his horse’s health. So, the user can control his speed, distance run, hands use ratio while trotting and cantering, which will help him prevent limping for example. The Movin’Smart App displays the horse’s heart rate if a third party’s HRM sensor (Bluetooth enabled) has been installed.


Ex post, the user accesses a detailed history. It is available directly on the smartphone or the Movin’Smart dedicated cloud.

Additional information

Compatibilité iOS

Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 8 minimum, with a Bluetooth Low Energy technology 4.0 minimum (iPhone 4 and above).

You can download the application on the platform for free.

Compatibilité Android

The application will soon be developed for Android (contact us for more information).


The application is available in french and english.

Dimensions d’un système

5cm x 4cm x 1.5cm

Poids système cheval


Poids système cavalier


Autonomie de la batterie

20 hours in operation, more in standby mode. Sensors can be charged via micro-USB. The dual cable is included in the pack.


Silicone protection cases provided are rainproof. It is advised to not soak the sensor/case system to wash it. Use a damp cloth. Never use sensors without their protection cases.