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Movin’Smart MS-GAIT

84,00 TTC

MS-GAIT, an essential and connected aid to track your horse’s locomotion!

Movin'Smart App available on the App Storemobi-leman, la première application touristique mobile franco-suisse

The pack includes a connected sensor to attach to the horse’s bridle.

Thanks to the Movin’Smart App, you can analyze your trottings unmounted and follow their evolution with each exercise, lap after lap.



The Pack includes

  • 1 horse’s sensor to attach to the briddle with the fastening clip provided
  • the Movin’Smart App for smartphone (available for iOS and Androïd)


Attach the horse’s sensor to the bridle, at the top of the headpiece, with a fastening clip. The sensor communicates in Bluetooth with the phone and allows via the mobile application to return to the user an analysis and history of each of the recorded trottings.

Thanks to the MS-GAIT solution, you will follow the quality of the locomotion of your horse by recording sequences of trotting in hand, and the evolution of this one according to the work performed out via two indicators: the symmetry of the trotting and the overall variability.

Ex post, you can access a detailed history. It can be viewed directly on the smartphone (My Trottings tab).


In case of incident, the replacement of the material is easy, the accessories of the pack are also available individually. Go to the shop.

Additional information

Compatibilité iOS

Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 12 minimum, with a Bluetooth Low Energy technology 4.0 minimum (iPhone 5S and above).

You can download the application on the platform for free.

Compatibilité Android

Compatible with Androïd devices running iOS 5.0 minimum, with a Bluetooth Low Energy technology 4.0 minimum.

You can download the application on the platform for free.


The application is available in french (and soon english).

Dimensions d’un système

5cm x 4cm x 1.5cm

Poids système cheval


Autonomie de la batterie

20 hours in operation, more in standby mode. Sensor can be charged via micro-USB. The dual cable is included in the pack.


Silicone protection case provided is rainproof. It is advised to not soak the sensor/case system to wash it. Use a damp cloth. Never use sensor without the protection case.