An essential aid to track and enhance your horse's locomotion!

Looking for performance while respecting your mount, the technological innovation MS-GAIT is made for you! Analyze your trottings and follow their evolution against the objectives of your exercise

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How does the MS-GAIT solution work?

I put my sensor in place

I place the MS-GAIT system on the horse by adjusting the locking clip to the bridle. I make sure to adjust the bridle.

I start the Movin’Smart App

I connect to the Movin’Smart application on my smartphone with my personal code. I create the profile of my horse.

I realize my trotting

I start the data acquisition and I do my trotting with my horse in hand. I keep my phone close to the horse.

I stop the data acquisition

At the end of my trotting, I stop the data acquisition. Once started, the acquisition is recorded for 3 min, then stops automatically.

I consult my trotting report

I can immediately check my Trottings analysis on the Movin’Smart App.

Save a trotting in 4 steps

1 –  Install the sensor on the horse’s bridle, in the Movin’Smart app: choose your horse and start the acquisition by clicking on “Perform a trotting”.

2 – During the trotting, keep your phone on you, near your horse sensor. Once you have done the trotting, click on “Finish trotting” or wait for the end of the automatic asquisition afetr 3 minutes.

3 – The analysis of your trotting is immediately proposed to you, based on two parameters: “symmetry and variability”. Each “trot” represents each trotting sequence. (For example for a classic trotting, you will have a trot for the go, then a trot for the return).

4 – The “My trottings” tab gives you access to the history of all your recorded trottings.

Definition of SYMETRY and VARIABILITY parameters

Once my trotting session is over, data analysis is done automatically. Two parameters are presented: they allow to evaluate the quality of the locomotion of the horse during the trotting.

Symmetry: Indicator of symmetry of the pose of diagonal Right and Left. Perfect symmetry gives a regular locomotion (GREEN witness). If the degree of irregularity increases, the diagonal concerned becomes ORANGE then RED.

Overall variability: Indicator of the overall quality of trotting. A regular movement without parasitic movements (deviations, pronounced movements of the neck for example) gives a good trotting (GREEN witness). If the variability increases, the indicator becomes ORANGE then RED.

Some examples of trottings analysis

The screens represent four trots, for different horses

  • the screen 1 shows a regular trot without irregularity or asymmetry
  • the screen 2 shows a trot with “average” asymmetry on the left diagonal with “average” variability due to the latter
  • the screen 3 shows a trot with a “strong” asymmetry on the left diagonal with a “strong” variability due to the latter
  • the screen 4 shows a trot without asymmetry, however the regularity is “average”. This degradation can be caused by a parasitic movement, localized irregularities at acceleration or deceleration, etc.