React in real time to improve your performances!

You improve your practice because you know precisely your horse’s locomotion settings and your interactions with it.

Understanding the MS100 Features overview

How does the MS100 solution work ?

I put my sensors in place

I place the MS100 system, on the horse by adjusting the locking clip to the bridle, and to my riding cap with the Dual-Lock system. I place the security strap on my riding cap.

I start the Movin’Smart App

I connect to the Movin’Smart application on my smartphone with my personal code. I can also open the application on my connected watch.

I start my session

I make my run or training and read data in real time on the Movin’Smart application. I can optimise my performance while looking after my horse’s well-being.

I stop my session

When my session ends, I stop data recording and can check my session assessment on the Movin’Smart application.

I check my session statistics on My Movin'Smart™

Once at home, I read my detailed history on the My Movin’Smart cloud.

I check my mount's movements in real time to better look after its physical integrity

Once the application started, sensors connected, and session recording started, I can access a complete dashboard in real time on the smartphone’s and connected watch’s first screen!

These data show the workload which I adapt to my horse’s training level.

I balance gaits symmetry and synchronisation with my horse

This second screen allows me to balance trot techniques used and my canter gaits’ symmetry in real time. It is very easy for me to balance work for each hand.

Coupling and consistency information show the synchronisation’s quality between the horse and me, as well as its consistency.

A very simple ergonomics (green, orange, red) shows actions to take.

I read my session assessment on my smartphone.

Once my session is over and stopped, I check my session assessment on the Movin’Smart smartphone application.

I can use cursors to select the temporal zone to study and analyse my session: route, distance travelled (total and per gait), display speed and horse heart rate graphs, time rates per hand and per riding technique or get indications on coupling with my horse.

I visualise my session's details on My Movin'Smart™

My Movin’Smart cloud provides me with a complete and detailed history of all my registered sessions with my horses. I can then continually follow work done with each one of them.

My Movin’Smart also allows me to have a detailed, ergonomic and interactive view of each session realised.

My Movin'Smart: your performance partner

My Movin’Smart cloud, the solution to follow the horse’s work all year long!

I connect